we are compiling anonymous letters for a book we intend to publish which borrows solely the post script "p.s." of the letters. by responding to this post, you agree to have us publish your letter, but don't be scared!

please send us emails, letters (scanned or directly to our po box!), photos with a letter, etc. but do make sure to include the letter in its entirety [though we will only use the postscript section]! & of course, please feel free to send letters in any language!

remember, by sending us your letters, you consent to letting us use do this, and we promise to be your friends! and let us tell you, we're worth it! thank you.

po box 266
new york, ny 10113

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hello everyone! i'm new..

my name is diana. i'm 17, and i live 30 miles south of the evil bastard eveyone likes to call our president. our ruler.

this community sounds kick a__. i know HTML, does the owner want me to make it look a but more to it's name? maybe put a burning flag in the back..or something to smoke it up a little.


other wise, my aim_shedthetragedy


does any one in here go to protests, or take place in activism?