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bushtales's Journal

Erotic White House Literature
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If you're like me, you're torqued about how puritanical the White House seems to be when it comes to the subject of s-e-x. After reading "Dance of Days," I've been inspired to engage in a little creative protesting myself. From John Ashcroft covering up the breast of Justice to the White House encouraging sex education only cover abstinence to denying aid to poor countries that distribute condoms to control the population, GW and Co. seem to be looking up to Cotton Mather.

Well, we don't have to take it. We here at Bush Talk want to protest. We may be small now, but we hope to grow as people who aren't afraid of their genitals come together (no pun intended) to remind those at the top that we are human beings with certain appetites.

What we hope to do is begin a groundswell of people, all writing erotic literature centered on the Prisdent and his immediate circle. Could be his Cabinent, Karl Rove, Bill Frist, whomever. Write Bush/Cheney slash fiction, have Rumsfeld get it on with Rice and Rove. Whatever floats your boat. Make it as short or as long as you like, and as romatic or graphic as you would like.

What're we gonna do with all this steamy text? Send it to the White House, of course! By snail-mail, e-mail, however you wish. Someone has to read it, and if enough of it arrives in the White House mailsack, we could get the attention of the big guy himself.

I started this community to create a central location for this (hopeful) movement and for people to post stories and ask questions. So tell your friends. Tell your friend's friends. Tell your auntie. Everyone who thinks the Bush White House has been backwards when it comes to sex should protest, and what better way than by making them confront it?